The 30/60/90 Program has several components.

The first component is a public art program created through a partnership with the Montgomery County Courts. Thanks to all the judges, probation officers, and people involved with the Montgomery County Court system, we created and installed four large scale murals on the outside of the courthouse building on the corner of Ludlow and Third. 

The second component is an ongoing skill development  / community service program at K12 Gallery. Twice a week, K12 hosts inmates in the Montgomery County Courts system, involved with the Monday or STOP Programs. These programs are primarily for offenders involved with the Drug Court, who have been sentenced to thirty, sixty, or ninety days for non-violent crimes. K12 provides woodworking, construction, and cleaning opportunities for these adults looking to learn new skills while being productive. While these activities are closely monitored and in confined spaces within K12, we find it a core tenent of our mission to work with the men and women enrolled in the 30/60/90 program. From helping maintain our facilities, to installing drywall, and painting walls, we have tremendously been helped by this program, as well.