Our 2018 Summer Camp Registration begins March 1st!
Ready to have some serious fun at the most creative space in Dayton?  K12 has you covered with their 9 weeks of summer art camps and classes! Students will work with a variety of materials while creating, learning and having fun! Camps run Monday thru Friday for a week from 9:30am-3:30pm. Camps can be taken as a full day camp or a half day class (morning or afternoon). 

2018 6th-8th Grade Class Schedule: Most weeks have two camp options

Week 1:  Art Explorations

AM: Scientific Explorations Many contemporary artists utilize research in order to help them cultivate ideas for their artwork.  This class will allow students to investigate materials, objects and phenomena while figuring out ways to represent their findings.  Students will work primarily with 2D media such as pencils, ink, markers and watercolor.  Projects include drawing microbes and weather phenomena, painting the cosmos and dissecting and drawing fruits and vegetables.

PM: Expressive Paintings Create a collection of paintings that are guided by process and materials while looking at examples of abstract expressionist artists like Willem de Kooning and Mark Rothko. Experiment with acrylic paint, oil paint, charcoal, and watercolor while creating large-scale expressive artworks that tap into themes like motion, humor, nature, inside out and dreams.

Week 2:  Learning from the Masters: Painting & Drawing

AM: Drawing like Degas While looking at artists from history, you will learn a variety of new techniques and materials to incorporate into your own drawings.  You will use pastels, charcoal, ink and graphite while learning about line weight, value, composition, style and expression and making drawings inspired by Leonard da Vinci, Seurat, Degas, and Van Gogh. 

PM: Painting like Picasso While exploring modern artists from history, this series of classes will teach you new techniques and processes involved with acrylic and oil painting.  Create a series of paintings inspired by techniques used with Realism, Impressionism, Expressionism, and Modernism.

Week 2:  Photogaraphy & Stop Motion Animation

AM: Darkroom Photography 101 Combine science, experimentation and art. Learn the craft of darkroom photography while working with a 35mm camera, printing your own photographs, and experimenting with alternative process photography in the darkroom.  Class size limited to 12.

PM: Stop Motion Animation Design your own characters from clay and/or found objects and bring them to life using Stop Motion Animation. Create a storyline and turn it into a short filmusingyour hand crafted characters in environments, which you will create from magazines, illustrations, patterned paper, found objects and paint.  Learn animation software that will import your digital photographs and turn them into the short film.  Class size limited to 12.

Week 3: Clay                                                                                                                               

AM: Ceramics 101 Create pottery (objects you can use) while working with both hand building and wheel throwing techniques.   You will create collection of cups, plates and bowls that combine abstraction and functionality.  By incorporating a theme such as gemstones, leaves and vines, or other patterns, you will have a unique collection of objects that you will be proud to show off.   This class will also teach you several new glazing techniques such as scratch through under glazing and stenciling.

PM: Clay Sculpture: Ordinary to Extraordinary Create a larger scale sculpture that transforms the ordinary into extraordinary.  You will learn techniques such as abstracting and simplifying forms, using an armature and additive clay processes that will help you to create an impressive sculpture that will morph one object into another.  Riffing off Surrealism and Post-Modernism, you will transform food, machinery, or natural forms like gemstones into a different kind of object. 

Week 3: Printmaking & Mixed Media Encaustic Painting

AM: Mixed Media Encaustic Painting Explore the expressive potential offered with mixed media collage and encaustic painting in this class.  Encaustic painting is a process that involves painting with heated wax paint.  This paint can be layered with collage, drawings, and string to create beautiful and expressive artworks on wood panel.

PM: Printmaking 101 Printmaking is the process of making an image on a surface, inking it up, placing a sheet of paper on it, sending it through a press, and having a copy of your original image.  This class will walk students through relief, monotype and collograph printmaking processes while introducing them to expressive mark making and content through imagery.   This is our first printmaking class offered since we purchased a new printing press!

Week 4: Glass

AM: Glass Mosaics Create your own glass mosaic artworks inspired by master works of art.  You will learn how to develop design ideas, how to cut and adhere glass, and how to finish their artworks by applying grout.  Your mosaic artworks will be created on round, square or rectangular Masonite panels that can be hung from a wall.

PM: Hot Glass Flame Throwing & Glass Fusing Explore the art of glass in this series of classes that will teach you how to make fused glass artwork that will be melted in a kiln along with a variety of beads and small sculptural objects made over a flame.  Your glass creations will be turned into jewelry, sculptures or mobiles.  Class size limited to 14.

Week 4: Intro to Digital Art & Digital Photography

AM: Digital Art Learn the how to design graphics and illustrations while using Photoshop.  Students will have themed assignments each day that will teach them the fundamentals of Photoshop including painting with Photoshop.  Class size limited to 12 students.

PM: Digital Photography Learn how to plan, shoot, edit and manipulate photographs using Photoshop.  Class size limited to 12.

Week 5: Illustration

AM: Fantasy Figure Drawing Are you always drawing manga or anime characters in your sketchbook? Learn techniques to elevate your drawings such as body construction and proportion, developing the dynamics of face, and the art of exaggeration. Perfect for the artist who wants to refine their figure drawing abilities  This class will encourage students to come up with their own characters while using pencils, micron pens, markers and watercolors.

PM: Visual Storytelling with Sequential Art Develop a visual concept through sequential art, which is the largest growth industry within the world of book publishing today.  You will explore visual storytelling techniques including story development, page layout, perspective, camera angles, dramatic lighting, letting and inking techniques.  After these skills are learned, you will create your own comic or graphic novel pages.

Week 5: Architecture, Design & Sculpture

AM: Architecture & Design Time travel to Ancient Greece and Rome, zoom forward to the Renaissance in Italy to learn about perspective and jump to the modern time-period to learn about the Bauhaus and modern design in this class.  You will learn about architecture, drawing and design while working with graphite, ink, marker illustration and sculptural techniques.

PM: Tiny Houses Explore, design and create fully functional cardboard furniture and accessories.  From food trucks, tiny houses, to a twist on set design.  Test your skills against your imagination to see what you can create.  You will learn techniques such hand painting miniature objects to embellish your worlds.

Week 6: City Scape Painting & Street Art

AM: City Scape Painting Create a series of picturesque paintings while exploring the city.  You will paint on site outdoors each day (weather permitting) with acrylic and watercolor paint.  Investigate the city, architecture, people and natural environments while learning about perspective, space, color mixing, and paint handling.

PM: Mural Painting Work as a team on a large scale mural and explore the oversized world of public art.  This class will introduce you to some of the techniques such as stenciling, lettering, and image making required to make large-scale murals inspired by street art.

Week 6: Sewing 101 & Fabric Painting

AM: Weaving, soft sculptures & knitting Explore the creative potential that fiber arts offers!  You will create and embellish a variety of projects such as hand stitched and felted soft sculptures, woven tapestries and crocheted artworks.

PM: Fabric Dying and Batik Painting Discover some of the cool things you can do by dying fabric.  Create a remarkable batik tapestry using wax as a resist.  Learn Ombre painting and fabric dying techniques that will used to create wearable artworks and hanging works of art.

Week 7: Clay Pottery                                                                                                                   

AM: Raku Pottery 101 Work with both hand building and wheel throwing techniques in this series of classes that will teach you how to make functional objects they can actually use.  The most exhilarating part of this class is the last day, when you will get to fire their objects in an outdoor raku kiln!

PM: Learning from the Masters: Sculpture Explore some of the most famous master sculptors throughout time such as Michelangelo, Rodin, and Giacometti while making a figurative sculpture and a bust (a sculpture of a portrait).  You will learn to work with an armature, explore additive sculptural processes and learn to convey accurate proportions.

Week 7: Drawing & Pre-Portfolio Development

AM: Drawing Dash Learning to draw is learning to see. You will be encouraged to follow your natural inclinations while sketching still life’s, landscapes, and self-portraits while learning about sighting & measuring, value, scale and space.  You’ll work with graphite, charcoal, ink, pastels, and watercolor while making a series of drawings. 

PM: Pre-Portfolio Development Designed for those artists who hope to explore the art world as a career or continue their arts training at the university level.  You will spend most of your time working on developing your artistic knowledge and abilities pertaining composition, technique, content and developing themes. You will be introduced to new processes and media each day while creating a series of artworks based on a specific theme

Week 8:  Creative Kids Artist Market!

AM: DIY Art to Sell   Calling all creative kids who are interested in selling their artwork!This camp is geared towards creative young entrepreneurs!  Create projects each day with the goal of having a variety of projects to sell at the end of the week during the Creative Kids Art Market at K12.  You will learn to create prints of paintings and drawings, use a mold to create easily replicated clay sculptures and fused glass pendants and jewelry.

PM: Running an art business Think you might be interested in selling your own artwork?  This class will help you develop a business plan, define your product, create a logo, package your products, pricing best practices, and tips for selling your work at festivals and online at sites like Etsy.  You will also have the opportunity the following week to sell their works at K12’s Creative Kids Artist Market.

Week 8: Glass

AM: Stained Glass & Fused Glass Create a variety of spectacular works in glass. Use tools such as soldering irons, glass cutting tools, and copper wire while creating stained glass artworks.  You’ll also create a collection of glass artwork while learning how fuse glass in a kiln.

PM: Mosaics Create your own glass mosaic artworks inspired by master works of art.  You will learn how to develop design ideas, how to cut and adhere glass, and how to finish their artworks by applying grout.  Your mosaic artworks will be created on round, square or rectangular Masonite panels that can be hung from a wall.

Week 9:  Maker’s Space with Dayton Diode

AM: Art, Design and Technology Immerse yourself in the new world of 2D/2.5D and 3D design, digital fabrication and physical computing! Use these new skills to learn how to engage in and shape your world with art, design and technology.  You’ll use your creativity while working on your feet and learning essential 21st century tools.

PM: Learn to Hack your World: Creating Smart Objects


Classes are capped at 18 students per class. It is recommended that you register via our website or by phone several weeks prior to the class start date. Once the classes are full, we will remove the ability to register for them on our website. Cancellations: Prior to 14 days before camp, registration fee will be refunded less a $50 processing fee. Less than 14 days before camp, registration is non-refundable. 


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Week 5: Painting and Drawing

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Week 5: Raku Pottery & Sculpture

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Week 6: Stained Glass and Mosaics

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Week 6: Color Explosion! Painting & Drawing

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Week 7: Architecture & Sculpture

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Week 7: Raku Pottery & Sculpture

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Week 8: Figure Sculpture & Art Boxes

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Week 8: Drawing & Pre-Portfolio Devlopment

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Week 9: Express Yourself!

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