Week 5: Painting and Drawing

What:  6-8 Grade Summer Art Classes

Painting and Drawing

AM Class: Drawing Dash  Learning to draw is really about learning to see!  Students will be encouraged to follow their natural inclinations while sketching still lifes, landscapes, and self portratis. While learning about sighting, measuring, value, scale and space students will develop new skills to render the 3D world into a 2D drawing.  This is an experimental, studio style class that offers students to have the creative freedom in drawing materials and techniques while developing their own hand and style.

PM Class: Painting from Perception  Students will create a variety of paintings from perception (looking closely at the world around them) while also finding inspiration from Master Artists such as Degas, Matisse, Cezanne and Manet.  Students will use acrylic paint while learing about color theory, composition, and paint handling.

July 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14.

Cost: Full Day Camp $150 for Members or $225 for Non-Members; Half Day Class $75 for Members or $112.50 for Non-Members.

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