Week 7: Architecture & Sculpture

What:  6-8 Grade Summer Art Classes

Architecture & Sculpture

AM Class: Architecture & Design  Time travel to Ancient Greece and Rome to discover the Parthenon, zoom forward to the Renaissance in Italy to learn about perspective, and jump to the Modern time-period to learn about the Bauhaus and modern design in this class.  Students will learn about architecture, drawing and design while working white graphite, ink, marker illustration and sculptural techniques.

PM Class: Cardboard Creations  Explore, design and create fully functional cardboard structures, furniture and accessories.  From monster trucks to a twist on set design, students will have creative freedom in what their creation looks like and does.  Test your skills against your imagination to see what you can create.

July 24, 25, 26, 27 and 28.

Cost: Full Day Camp $150 for Members or $225 for Non-Members; Half Day Class $75 for Members or $112.50 for Non-Members.

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