Week 8: Figure Sculpture & Art Boxes

What:  6-8 Grade Summer Art Classes

Figure Sculpture & Art Boxes

AM Class: Figure Sculpture  Create large scale sculptures of people or animals using wire, papier mache, paster and paint.  Students will design their peices, create supporting armetures that will be layered with papeir mache or plaster strips, and will then paint and embellish their artworks.  One popular version of this project is a "faux animal head trophy" that can be hung on a wall.

PM Class: Sculptural Art Boxes: Dioramas, Models & Assemblages  Create a 3D sculpural "art box" by using collage, mixed media and sculptural techniques.  Students will have the option of creating an assemblage or box inspired by artists Louise Nevelson and Joseph Cornell; they can make a diorama or model of an interior or surreal invented space or they could opt to create a 3D model representing their favorite painting.

July 31, August 1,2, 3 and 4

Cost: Full Day Camp $150 for Members or $225 for Non-Members; Half Day Class $75 for Members or $112.50 for Non-Members.

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