Week 8: Drawing & Pre-Portfolio Devlopment

What:  6-8 Grade Summer Art Classes

Drawing and Pre-Portfolio Development

AM Class: Drawing Dash  Learning to draw is really all about learning to see.  Students will be encouraged to follow their natural inclinations while sketching still lifes, landscapes, and self-portraits while learning about sighting, measuring, value, scale, space and proportions.  This is an experimental style class where students will have creative freedom in materials and processes while learning new techniques.

PM Class: Pre-Portfolio Development  Designed for those students who are considering exploring art as a career or continueing their training at the University level.  Students will spend most of their time working on developing their artistic knowledge and abilities in thier area of choice in their own mini studio spaces with daily introductions to new media and processes.  Focus is placed on creating a series of works utilizing different materials and processes.

July 31, and August 1, 2, 3 and 4

Cost: Full Day Camp $150 for Members or $225 for Non-Members; Half Day Class $75 for Members or $112.50 for Non-Members