Week 9: Express Yourself!

What:  6-8 Grade Summer Art Classes

Express Yourself!  Painting & Mixed Media

AM Class: 20th Century Painting  Take a whirlwind art history tour through 20th century Europe and North America while studying three famous art movements: Expressionism, Surrealism, and Pot-Impressionism.  Students will explore the color, brushwork and subject matter of famous paintings from each art movement, and will then pick up a brush and create their own paintings masterpieces. Student's will expressively paint in vivid color, dream and imagine new worlds and celebrate popular culture.  Class will use waterbased paints like watercolors and acyrlic paint.

Street Art, Large Scale Outdoor Mural Painting  Explore the oversized world of pulic art while seeing all of the excitiing street art in the city.  Students will then collaborate in the design and creation of a large mural on the exterior of our building at K12 Gallery & TEJAS.  This class will introduce students to techniques used in street art including stenciling, lettering, and image creation while working with exterior house paint and spray paint.

August 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11.

Cost: Full Day Camp $150 for Members or $225 for Non-Members; Half Day Class $75 for Members or $112.50 for Non-Members

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