Week 3: Stained Glass & Mosaics

What:  9-12 Grade Summer Art Classes
Class Dates:  June 18, 19, 20, 21, and 22

Week 3: Glass

AM: Stained Glass & Fused Glass Create a variety of spectacular works in glass. Use tools such as soldering irons, glass cutting tools, and copper wire while creating stained glass artworks.  You’ll also create a collection of glass artwork while learning how fuse glass in a kiln.  Class size ilmited to 16 students.

PM: Mosaics Create your own glass mosaic artworks inspired by master works of art.  You will learn how to develop design ideas, how to cut and adhere glass, and how to finish their artworks by applying grout.  Your mosaic artworks will be created on round, square or rectangular Masonite panels that can be hung from a wall.

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