June 26th-30th: 6th-8th Grade: Drawing & Oil Painting


In order to receive a $50 discount, class must be purchased by March 31, 2023.


Drawing & Oil Painting: June 26th-30th; 9:30-3:00

Learning to draw is learning to see! You will be encouraged to follow your natural inclinations while sketching landscapes and portraits while learning about sighting & measuring, value, scale and space.  You may with graphite, charcoal, ink, and pastels while making a series of drawings. While exploring modern artists from history, this series of classes will teach you new techniques and processes involved with oil painting.  

Project 1: Block Paintings – Don’t just use canvas as your work surface. Explore different surfaces to paint on, including but not limited to wooded blocks. Think of your 2d painting in a 3d environment.
Project 2: Book Deconstruction Drawings – Continuing working on your painting skills in a “in the round” view, draw your own artwork in a journal you create in a deconstructed book.
Project 3: Aerial Landscape Paintings – Rather than painting in a straight on perspective, explore different perspectives in your paintings to bring your work to life.
Project 4: Anthropomorphic Animal Portraits – A bear in a suit, a bat flying a plane, a fish going fishing, transplant your choice of animals into the daily life of a human.

Project 5: Wire Self Portraits – No more pencils, paint or charcoal, turn your “drawings” into a 3d sculpture by using wire to make your self portraits.

Weekly Summer Camp Schedule:
Monday through Friday:
8:30-9:30 Before Care
9:30-12:00 Morning Studio Class
12:00-12:30 Lunch Break
12:30-3:00 Afternoon Studio Class
3:30-4:30 After Care

Students are encouraged to align with the camp of their rising grade.  Parents are required to complete an Emergency Medical Form SAC 2023. Students should wear clothes that can get messy.  Campers should bring an insulated sack lunch, beverages, and snacks every day.  Each week, camps will culminate in a Friday Art Party, where students will share the artwork they have created throughout the week.  Friends and family are invited to bring a snack to share and enjoy the artwork from 2:00-3:00pm.

All classes will include a 15-minute snack break in both the morning and afternoon.  Students may explore local parks and Dayton landmarks during off-site walking field trips on Wednesdays from 11:30-1:30.

Summer Camp Pricing:
6th-8th Grade Camps: $350 ($300 if purchased by March 31)

Before & After Care Pricing:
Full Week before care (8:30-9:30am): $75
Full Week after care (3:00-4:30): $150
Full Week both before and after care: $200