Advanced Placement Program

Our Advanced Placement (AP) 2D Design Studio Art Program is a college-level course designed for High School Juniors and Seniors. Students will create a portfolio of artwork that has the opportunity to earn college credit, advanced placement credit, or both, while still in high school. The student’s portfolio can also be used in competitions and as part of their application to college.

The 2D Design AP Studio Art course is tailored not only to address the wide scope of the Elements and Principals of Design, but also to allow for the pursuance of each individual student’s interest in a specific area of art making.

Each student will follow a curriculum that will strengthen their skills and talents while creating a portfolio of work that corresponds to the most common college foundation courses.

The 2D Design AP Studio Art Course is a school-year long class that meets on Monday-Thursday  from 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm. Due to the rigor of the program, students will need to commit to the full year. However, we understand that students may have vacations, sports, or absences that can be accommodated.

Portfolio content: Students will work with diverse two-dimensional media, styles, subjects and content. Media explorations include drawing, painting, printmaking, encaustic, collage, photography, and mixed media. Portfolios will consist of three sections:

Breadth section: illustrates a range of ideas and approaches to making art.
Concentration section: shows sustained, in-depth and multi-media investigations of a specific student selected theme or topic.
Quality: represents the students most successful works.

Assessment takes place in early May. Students submit actual work and digital images of works for 2-D Design or Drawing Portfolios to the College Board. These works should demonstrate artistic growth and development. Students also submit an artist statement in which they describe the ideas investigated and explain how the ideas evolved as they created their body of work. All portfolios are assessed by two highly experienced studio art educators who apply standard scoring criteria with respect to forms and content. There is no exam associated with this course. Students receiving a score of 3 or higher will receive an AP 2D Design Art credit.

Some students may decide to receive a “Flex Credit” for this course, which may allow them to receive an additional art credit at their high school.

Pre-requisites for this program: High School Art I course. Recommended course: Art II & Art III (our TEJAS’s Pre-AP Program).

Yearly tuition is $1,600 per year (About $20 per class) which includes all materials. Tuition can be paid bi-weekly, monthly, in three payments or all at once.

Early enrollment is encouraged, and decisions made in mid-August are ideal.

Interested in finding out more information? Please email Hope Gebhart at [email protected] to schedule a meeting.

Students and parents may visit the College Board website to learn more about the AP Studio Art Course Requirements.

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