K12 Gallery & TEJAS has been able to create programs that impact the community through corporate & individual sponsorships. 

Please consider a sponsorship!  

We need businesses and individuals like you to support programming!  Your tax deductible support of $500, $1,000, or more will help support many of our programs such as the Artist in Residency, Artist in Training after school or HAALO (Helping Adolescents Acheive Life Objectives) programs.  Many of these programs are offered at no charge or discounted with scholarships to help at need or low income students.  We can continue to provide these programs that beautify our city and change individual lives through the generous support of corporations, groups and individuals like you!

Please email our Creative Marketing Director, Eric Denlinger, at ericd@k12tejasgallery.org or call Jerri Stanard at 937-461-5149 for more information about sponsorship opportunities.