Scholarship Opportunities

At K12 Gallery & TEJAS, we believe financial barriers should not be an obstacle to creativity. Scholarships for art classes are available to students between Kindergarten-12th Grade. Scholarships are based on income and merit. To apply for a scholarship, click on the button below. A different application should be submitted for each student interested in applying for a scholarship.  

ACE OHIO & OHIO Rise Scholarship

You can apply online for the ACE program, through the Ohio Department of Education, to receive funding for educational enrichment programs, like ours.

Attached is a link to the ACE program



 The Ohio Rise waiver program is provided through the Ohio Department of Medicaid, so you must qualify for Medicaid, in order to receive these benefits.

 Ohio Rise:



All classes must be paid in advance. ACE & OHIO RISE generally take 6 – 8 weeks to complete payment. Therefore, ACE, & OHIO RISE scholarships can be used for our classes, in 2 ways:

1. You pay for the class when you enroll, and use your receipt to request reimbursement from ACE, or OHIO RISE.

       2. You can request enrollment with us via phone or email 2 months prior to the beginning of the class. 

     We will create an invoice that you can send to ACE, or OHIO RISE to request direct payment to K12 Gallery & TEJAS.

If you have further questions about K12 Gallery & TEJAS classes, please email or call Val at (937) 461-5149.