K12 Gallery & TEJAS (Teen Educational and Joint Adult Studio) is a visual arts center that inspires people of all ages from the Miami Valley to imagine, learn, and create art in a unique and encouraging environment through 400 on-site art classes and exhibitions and over 1,000 off-site classes at 15 urban locations. Created in 1993 as a grassroots effort by artist and teacher Jerri Stanard, her passion and dedication to engaging people through arts has grown this non-profit organization into an established leader for the visual arts in the Dayton community.

 Our professional artists have led low-income students, youth on probation, adults with disabilities, prisoners, and survivors of violence achieve equal access to experience the educational and healing quality of the arts. In addition, the K12 Gallery & TEJAS team has provided dozens of public art projects to add cultural beauty to the Dayton region and formed collaborations to expand the visual arts to new levels. Today, K12 Gallery & TEJAS Fuels a Creative Revolution by impacting over 25,000 lives in their historic 35,900 square foot facility at the corner of Jefferson and Patterson Streets as they strive to become the Premier Center for art education, creation and exhibition in downtown Dayton and the Miami Valley.


* 1993 – K12 Gallery for Young People is founded by Jerri Stanard.

* 1994 – K12 incorporates, establishes board, applies for non-profit status; secures space with $1,500 rent abatement; after-school and Saturday classes begin.

* 1994-2001 – Programming expands as K12 builds collaborations with public schools and community; Artist in Training (AIT) Program allows gifted low-income youth to develop portfolios, Artist in Residence Program (AIR) utilizes professional artists in urban schools; Summer Art camp, Homeschool program, Very Special Needs classes, Community Outreach and Art Exhibitions provided. Two full-time staff hired for program management.

* 2001 – K12 relocates to ADA-compliant space including sales gallery and two studios for classes.

* 2001-2009 – Program growth required operation hours to expand; Numbers of students/schools increase. Urban catholic schools expansion in AIR. Three major mural city beautification projects completed; 31,000 students served annually.

* 2009-2013 – K12 expands opening TEJAS (Teen Educational Joint Adult Studio). AIT (Artist in Training) program expands by 50%. Adult classes start in 2011. K12 implements HAALO (Helping Adolescents Achieve Long-term Objectives) with the Juvenile Court System to aid convicted juveniles in their rehabilitation.

* 2013 – K12 Board of Trustees unanimously approved the purchase of a 35,900 square foot facility to capture additional space for program expansion, collaboration and creation of a Premier Arts Center.

* 2013-2015 – K12 moves to its present location at 341 S. Jefferson St. in June of 2013 doing business as K12 Gallery & TEJAS.  K12 expands Strategic Plan to forecast $800,000 capital campaign with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on 10/14/14; Capital campaign secures 22% of 3 year plan.

* 2015-2018 – K12 Gallery & TEJAS continues to advance building objectives with the installation of a new HVAC system and continued capital improvements.