Mission and Vision

Our Mission: To inspire people of all ages to imagine, learn and create art in a unique and encouraging environment. This mission was realized to fulfill a community need to increase art accessibility for all Miami Valley residents, regardless of age, ability or ability to pay.

Our Vision: K12 Gallery and TEJAS is a visual arts center offering innovative art programs for all ages and abilities in the Miami Valley. 

Our Mission Pillars

K12 & TEJAS accomplishes its mission in six ways:

  • Operating a synergetic space to provide the city a diverse creative art arena.
  • Providing hands-on art making experiences with a focus on personal creative development.
  • Promoting art-based community development such as art in schools.
  • Developing mutual-interest partnerships such as art awards programs and exhibitions.
  • Making available specific studio space for visual art mediums.
  • Offering affordable and unique art to the community through youth and adult exhibitions.

Our Overarching Goals:


  1. Expand all types and amounts of in-house art classes and creativity.
  2. Expand the Artist-in-Residence and the Artist-in-Training programs.
  3. Finish the first and second floors of the building.
  4. Fill the Miami Valley with K12 & TEJAS led murals and other art projects.
  5. Expand current mutual-interest partnerships and build new ones.