Pre-AP Portfolio Development Classes

The Pre-AP Portfolio Development Program is perfect for students in 9th-11th grade who are interested in improving drawing and painting skills, developing a broader knowledge of art history and learning a variety of  materials and techniques while building the skills needed to create a portfolio of artwork. Classes will focus on different elements and principles (the fundamental building blocks) while also guiding students in the development of a series of cohesive works for their portfolios. These classes are also perfect for students who think they might be interested in taking the 2D Design Advanced Placement Program in the future.

The Pre-AP Portfolio Development Program  is taught by Steve Yates and meets weekly on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 4:00-6:00pm.  

Students can attend one, two or three days a week.  Students are encouraged to attend an entire month of classes.  Many students will opt to attend for the entire school-year (September through early May).  

The Pre-AP Portfolio Prep classes are held in the same studio is the AP 2D Design classes.

Cost: $20 per class for Members or $30 per class for Non-Members.  Students can also purchase a 5 class pass or a 10 class pass.  Fee includes all materials.  

Questions? Contact Steve Yates at (937) 461-5149 or [email protected]

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