Program Overview for Interested Artists

What is Royal Blue?
Royal Blue is a K12 Gallery & TEJAS online art exhibit-sale-auction program. It is part of our initiative to engage established artists from the Dayton region. Royal Blue runs for approximately one month, including an online pre-sale, a targeted auction period and a “last chance” sale.

What are the benefits of becoming a Royal Blue artist?
Participating in Royal Blue means dramatically extending your exposure as an artist, engaging potential buyers and donors, and increasing personal artwork revenue. Royal Blue will allow you to access potential art buyers across the United States. Because only established artists with accomplished bodies of work are accepted into Royal Blue, the experience also offers an opportunity to take stock, document and celebrate your career as an artist.

What administrative management is offered by K12 Gallery & TEJAS?
We offer strategic planning for a pre-sale, auction, and a final sale. Our marketing team creates a slide show of all works for our website and uploads the inventory to the HandBid sales and auction app. Technical aspects of these virtual art platforms are managed by K12 Gallery. We create a personalized Royal Blue publicity piece highlighting your work, which is publicized through our website, Facebook, Instagram and Constant Contact to our extensive follower and email list, as well as to your contact list. An exhibit postcard is also created and distributed to potential buyers and associates.

K12 Gallery can also offer additional support to artists including artwork selection and curation, professional photography services, a digital listing that catalogs your artwork, dimensional cost analysis, and shipping services (paid by the customer).

What is the commission arrangement?
K12 Gallery & TEJAS takes a 20% or 40% commission fee from artwork sold through Royal Blue. The artist decides on the commission option depending on the administrative support they require in curating, photographing, and cataloging their artwork. Sales are meant to benefit our artists, so we supplement program costs through grant and donor funding.

How many pieces would be in the sale/auction?
Artists must commit to a minimum of 50 works to participate in Royal Blue, however 75-100 is preferable as more artwork options lead to increased sales. Artist who are interested but have fewer pieces may apply as a collective with other artists or submit as individuals with a request to be paired with one or more other artists.

How can an artist apply for Royal Blue?
Send an email to K12 Gallery & TEJAS Development Director, Deb Housh, at Briefly describe your background as an artist, contact information and a link to your website/portfolio or attach artwork images. It is also helpful to include other media links that highlight your work. Because the artist is expected to partner with K12 Gallery in promoting your sale/auction, it is helpful to briefly share your vision about how you could contribute to the success of your Royal Blue through networking and self-promotion of your Royal Blue experience. Selected artist will be expected to share a contact list of past and potential buyers/benefactors with K12 Gallery & TEJAS for promotional purposes.

How do potential buyers view, bid and purchase?
Guests who are interested in your Royal Blue can see a slide show of your artwork on the K12 Gallery website. To bid/purchase, guests download the Handbid app through our website link. The process is simple, and K12 Gallery provides simple instructions from our website. Royal Blue art images, along with the artist’s name & exhibit details, are also looped on our 20’ Art Wall on Jefferson Street in downtown Dayton!