TEJAS Gallery Past Exhibitions

TEJAS GALLERY Exhibition Schedule (2020 – 2021)

November 6th – December 4th, 2021: Terry Hitt = A Retrospective. This exhibition displays the life work of local artist Terry Hitt, who’s work spans over the course of his years in formal education all the way up to now. 

TEJAS GALLERY Exhibition Schedule  [2019-20]

March 5-26: Art & Technology 4.0 A juried exhibition exploring the boundaries of art and technology.  Artists interested in submitting work can do so by visiting this link anytime after Nov. 11. Opening reception Thursday, March 5; 6;30-8:30pm. 

January 31-February 29: 2020 Miami Valley Regional Scholastic Art Awards Featuring 400+ award winning works created by students in grades 7-12.  Student reception and award ceremony Saturday, February 29; 6:00-9:30pm.

November 21- January 16, Winter Gift Gallery Featuring a collection of local handmade artwork perfect for the Holiday Season.

September 26-October 17: Eva Lewis, Nuanced Perspectives Exhibition featuring the paintings of K12 Staff Artist Eva Lewis.  Artist reception, Thursday, October 3; 6:30-8:30pm.

October 24-November 14: Behind the Scenes Exhibition in conjunction with the 9th Annual Art of Fundraiser will feature works from 50+ artists displayed alongside photographs of them working in their studio, taken by photographer Bill Franz.  Artist reception held in conjunction with our Art Off Fundraiser, Saturday, November 2; 6-9pm.

TEJAS GALLERY Exhibition Schedule  [2018-19]

September: Printmaking & Photography Showcasing Regional artists

October: Explorations, Then and Now Solo, works of art created by Pat Antonick.  

November: Behind the Scenes exhibition in conjunction with our Art Off Fundraiser

December: Holiday Art Sale

January: A View in Your Space, a Visual Retrospect of Horace Dozier Sr.

February: Miami Valley Scholastic Art Awards

March: New Kids on the Block

TEJAS GALLERY Exhibition Schedule [2017-2018]

September: Belladonna: Regional Women Artists

October: SOS II: Signs of Suicide Travelling Exhibition & Suicide Prevention Campaign

November: Artists At Work: Behind The Scenes Exhibition in conjunction with our Art Off Fundraiser

December: Holiday Art Sale

January: K12 Gallery & TEJAS Staff & Teaching Artist Annual Exhibition                   

TEJAS GALLERY Exhibition Schedule [2016-2017]

September: Hyper-Realism & The Figure In Art

October: Up Close: Betsie Molinsky

November: Bill Franz: Behind the Scenes

December: Distillations V: Contemporary Abstraction in Art

January: SOS: Signs of Suicide Traveling Exhibition

February: Miami Valley Regional Scholastic Art Awards

March: Peter Clive: Narrative Figure Paintings

April: K12 Gallery & TEJAS Art Educator Exhibition

April: The Millennial Show (April 7th – 29th 2017)

May: Rising Young Artists 2017: Artist in Training Student End of Year Portfolio Exhibition

TEJAS GALLERY Exhibition Schedule [2015-2016]

September: Element Featuring artwork by Scott Gibbs. 

October: A Critique of Reason Works by David Kenworthy.

November: Telling Tales Mysteries, Myths & Legends. Juried Exhibition. 

December: Distillations IV Contemporary Abstraction; Juried exhibition. 

January: Community K12 Artist in Residence Exhibition

February: Miami Valley Scholastic Art Awards Exhibition 

March: Vanquish Explores the possibilities of therapeutic arts. 

April: Culture Clash A juried exhibition that explores the intersection of popular culture and contemporary art. 

May: Rising AP & AIT Art Programs end of year student exhibition.

K12 TEJAS GALLERY Exhibition Schedule [2011-2014]

December 18, 2014-January 24, 2015: Distillations III: An exhibition exploring abstraction in contemporary art. Artists Featured: Jennifer Bristol, Bridgette Bogel, Tina Eisenhar, Stephen Glasener, Vincent Leandro, Sabrina Pryor, Ashley Simons, Joseph Swanson, Kim Traylor, Shaun Whiteside.

November 2014: Observe(ed): An exhibition featuring artists who explore forms of represenation in their artwork. Featured artists: Kaye Carlile, Scott Gibbs, Betsie Molinsky, Benjamin Roger, Rebecca Sargent

February 2014:  Miami Valley Regional Scholastic Art Awards Exhibition featuring outstanding work from area teens in grades 7-12.

January 2014:  Boom; Featuring artwork by Tricia Calvert, Clara Coleman, Brendan Higgins and Rodger Toothman.

December 2013: American Immigration, A Local Perspective II Participating artists include Yuki Hall, Matumaini Hubert Methode, Valentina Valdivia, as well as Noah, Eden and Johah Beny.

October 2013: Distillations II, Second annual juried exhibition featuring two-dimensional artwork that utilizes abstraction.  

May 2013: Can I Get a Witness: Paintings by Erika Hess and Rebecca Sargent

April 2013: (B + W II), second annual juried exhibition featuring artwork created with black and white materials.

February 2013: Miami Valley Regional Scholastic Art Awards

January 2013: Works from Perception

Nov. 2012 American Immigration, A Local Perspective

Sept. 2012 Small Works: a national juried exhibition featuring artworks 12″ x 12″ x 12″ or smaller. Participating artists include: Rob Millard, Jeff Haupt, Christine Zuercher, Jeff Moore, Erka Stearly, Shany Saar, Nancy Fisher, Maria Lux, Wendy Franklin, Bruce Erikson, Hope Thier, Mike Yager, Tracy Steils, Jane Ryder, Kristen Woodward, Matt Greco, Annie Lee, Chris Troutman, and Kathy Moore.

August 2012 Distance:  a national juried exhibition featuring contemporary photography that explores the theme of distance.  Participating artists include: Tracy Longley-Cook, Daniel McGinnis, Janelle Young, Francis Schanberger, Christine Zuercher, Chelsea Coon, William Jacobs, Derrick Burbal, Garrett Hansen, Colleen Fitzgerald, Robert Dickes, Chelsea Hall, Jonathan Johnson, Ray Klimek, Matt Rahner, Jeff Dabney, Mourrice Papi, Jennifer Steensma Houg, Debra Orloff, Kerry Kolenut, Helen Hoffelt, Richard Jurus, Kelly Joslin, Joseph Karlovec, Beth Higgins, Sydney Joslin-Knapp, Michael Inderrieden, Allyson Klutenkamper, Ezra Wube, Kevin Harris, Linda Diec, Emily Rogers, Claire Warden, and Darren Lyons.

June and July 2012   (B + W): a national juried black & white exhbition.  Artists: Emily Franklin, Doris Jacobs, William Ratcliffe, Chris Bavaria, Elizabeth Porter, Time Hahn, Stephanie McEnery, Ashley Butler, Julia DePinto, Nick Ruth, Kristi Arnold, Nancy Raen-Mendez, Andrew Warden, Darren Lyons, Ian Etter, Stuart Gibson, Talia Shade, Margi Weir, Angella Wells, Chris Troutman, Heidi Lingamfetter, and Deidre Argyle.

May  2012   Distillations: a national juried exhibition featuring contemporary abstractions.  Participating artists: Mary Pat Turner, Jim Langston, Maria McGinnis, Bridgete Bogle, Rebecca Sargent, Erika Hess, Meghan O’Connor, Kennth Walker, Jeffrey Cortland Jones, Mary Coalson, Armin Muhsam, Jill Grimes, Michael Burmeister, Dustyn Bork and Jeff Dabney.

March-Apr 2012 Tactile: all clay exhibition.  Artists: Teri Frame, Leesa Haapapuro, Lauren Gruber, Jessica Smith, Kim Taylor, Paul McMullan, Yoko Sekino-Bove, LisaTraux, Jonathan Stumpf, Lani Shapton, Emily White, and Pat 

Feb 2012: Regional Scholastics Exhibition

Dec 2011-Jan 2012:  International America: Identity in Flux. Artists: Susan Harmon, Robert Mullinex, Diane Ramos, Joseph Ostraff, Pritka Chowdhry, Alexandra Diracles, Jonathan McFadden, Michelle Dunn, Youngsuk Altieri, Jackson Echols, Rebecca Finley, and Nicole Foran.